We are a company providing a wide range special services to the automotive industry.

Mileage accumulation
Located in Augsburg, Bavaria in Southern Germany we are ideally located with access to a wide range of roads ranging from the high speed Autobahn network, over major cross country roads to Alpine mountain roads and congested city streets. We can subject vehicles to a wide range of real life driving conditions. Together with our partners in the U.K. we can provide personal service in the U.K. and on the European continent.

Parts collection
The location and procurement of automotive parts from vehicles from all over Europe for bench marking or long term wear analysis purposes.

Creation of special or limited editions and accessories
With access to the complete German accessory and special equipment industry as well as motor sport specialists in Germany and the UK we can help put together an individual range of accessories or create highly desirable special editions.

Representation and distribution of automotive products and accessories

Together with our partners we have access to two of the most important automotive markets in Europe – Germany and the UK & Ireland.

Procurement of specialist low volume parts and services
With our wide experience and knowledge of the European industry and markets we can help source products and services.